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Date: May 19, 2009 - 05:15 PM

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Hurry & sign up now...simply fill out the Workshop Registration o­nline now
and forward it  with your payment to Joyce Hoffman/Treasurer  to reserve
your place. (The registration form can be found o­n the BWS website by
clicking o­n the Downloads in the left-hand column.)

Workshops are an exciting way to expand and further your art career and
watercolor journey.  We have lots of exciting artists coming for the future
and hope to see all our members have the chance to participate.

Workshops are o­n a first come first serve basis and we do advertise so
that non-members may also take classes.

Costs are low...for BWS Members, $190.00 per workshop and NON-MEMBERS pay

Each artist requires a limited number of students and o­nly by signing up
early can o­ne reserve their space. After required limited number of
students have signed up, any checks submitted later will be returned so we
cannot specify enough how important it is for you to sign up early to take
that class under these reknown artists. 

Check the artists website to see some of their magnificent works of
art...these are opportunities you won't want to miss out o­n!  Register
Upcoming Workshops:
Stan Miller, AWS 'Painting the Portrait and the Landscape in Watercolor'
(Stan will also include a  demo FYI during the workshop o­n how he uses Egg
March 14-16, 2010

Ken Austin, NWS, FWS 'Moving Toward Modern'
May 9-11, 2010

Soon Y. Warren, NWS, SW, TWS, WSA, SWA 'Vibrant Watercolor'
July 11-13, 2010

Donna Zagotta, AWS, NWS, WW, MWS 'Developing Ideas for Creative Paintings'
November 14-16, 2010

Registration forms are also available at General BWS Meetings and Mini
Workshops and if you don't have a computer, contact us and we'll see to it
that you get a Registration Form. They can also be picked up at Art &
Antique Studio and Linda Neal's Cottage Art & Frame Studio.
Judy Champion-Frates/workshop coordinator
Email   or phone 321-255-9953 or  609-1826

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